Reba R. Robertson Award - Drama Teachers Honor Roll

Reba R. Robertson Award
Recognizes EXCELLENCE in the important work of public high school theatre/drama teachers throughout the United States of America
Biennial - deadline
APPLICATION STEP ONE – Nomination. All nominations must be submitted via e-mail and received no later than November 1st 2019 for 2020 Award. NOMINATIONS NOW CLOSED for 2020
OUTSTANDING TEACHERS - Recipients of the Robertson Award
  • Jo Beth Gonzalez, 2002 (fka Wilson Award)
  • John Newman, 2008
  • Julia Perlowski, 2010
  • Kristi Fuller, 2012
  • Holly Stanfield, 2014
  • Art Almquist, 2016
  • Adam Slee, 2018
  • MORE about these Recipients…
WHO MAY APPLY: An individual may nominate an outstanding teacher of public secondary school theatre/drama, in the U.S.A.
The nomination must include:
1) A brief description of the relationship between the nominator and the nominee
2) Nominee’s name, email address, phone number, and name of the nominee's high school
3) A brief rationale for the nomination, with particular attention to the criteria listed in the nomination form. No self-nominations accepted.
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The 2018 Reba R. Robertson Award Honoree:
Adam Slee of DaVinci Academy, Ogden, Utah was honored with Childrens Theatre Foundation's 2018 Reba R. Robertson Award for Outstanding Teacher of Drama, August 2, 2018 at the Medallion Award Event partnering with the annual conference of the American Alliance for Theatre an Education (AATE) in Minneapolis, MN.
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The Reba R. Robertson Award for an Outstanding American High School Drama Teacher is presented in memory of Reba R. Robertson, who was a public school teacher of drama, speech, and debate. Her nearly forty-year tenure at Richfield High School in Waco, Texas, was filled with teaching, directing, coaching, mentoring, producing, and administering programs that not only trained students, but also brought the impact of drama and communication into developing community outside the school and encouraging historic preservation. This award honors her memory and teachers who follow enthusiastically in her path.

Endowed by the Children's Theatre Foundation and major gifts from the three sons of Mrs. Robertson: Mark, Stephen and Phillip, the first Robertson Award was made in 2008 with awards following every two years.
CTFA's Drama Teacher & Mentor Honor Roll donations support the Robertson Award and other CTFA events honoring teachers & mentors.
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