The Children’s Theatre Foundation of America challenges and supports theatre artists to achieve excellence in service to young people.
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Children and Youth
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Founded in 1958, CTFA advances the artistic and professional interests of theatre for the young in the USA. The Foundation pursues its goals by funding proposals of American theatres, artists, scholars, and special projects of national import to the field. More information ABOUT CTFA.

"As I reflect on one of the most ambitious seasons in my teaching career, it is profound to discover that we learned the most by committing new energy to the culture that we live in."
2014 Reba R. Robertson Award Recipient, Holly Stanfield chronicles her year of drama with beautiful photos and text. Take a look and READ ALL ABOUT IT!

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Photo by Linda Blase, Courtesy of Dallas Children's Theater-A WRINKLE IN TIME (Steph Garrett, Zak Reynolds, Brandon Wilhelm, Cameron McElyea)
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Photo by Karen Almond, Courtesy of Dallas Children's Theater Academy class: Creation Station.
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Photo by Linda Blase, Courtesy of Dallas Children's Theater in partnership with VMLC.
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Photo by Jessica Kaminski, Courtesy of First Stage Theater Academy 2011.
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Photo by Paul Ruffolo, Courtesy of First Stage-ANATOLE (Gerard Nugent and cast)
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Photo by Paul Ruffolo, Courtesy of First Stage-A MIDNIGHT CRY (Ashley Nord, Matt Daniels & cast)

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