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GRANTS: Funding & Honors

Childrens Theatre Foundation of America solicits charitable contributions and grants funds in support of excellence & equity in theatre for children.
The Childrens Theatre Foundation of America believes that our future success, resiliency, and sustainability relies on placing equity at the center of every aspect of what we do. We define equity as a collaborative, continual process to ensure fair access to all.
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CTFA is delighted to announce its support of
REIMAGINE - New Plays in TYA
REIMAGINE - New Plays in TYA aims to support the development and visibility of new works for young audiences by BIPOC playwrights. For more information, click here!
In 2021, all CTFA grants will be directed through the REIMAGINE project. This decision was made by CTFA’s board of trustees as it sought to address two objectives: first, to provide funds directly to artists during the COVID-19 pandemic; second, to actively support the expansion of the TYA canon to include more plays by BIPOC playwrights. The REIMAGINE project will enable us to achieve these goals by providing funding to BIPOC playwrights and creative teams (directors, dramaturgs, actors, etc.) for the development of new work.

CTFA is proud to partner with The Kennedy Center, TYA/USA and Write Now in funding and supporting the REIMAGINE project.

Questions About REIMAGINE? Contact Jenny Millinger at jmillinger@childsplayaz.org

FOUNDERS GRANTS support projects unique and new to the field that will positively advance the field of theatre for young audiences nationally.
Who may apply: 501c3 IRS certified not-for-profit theatres, and theatre artists in the United States.
How to apply: GRANT APPLICATION There will be no Founders Grants Applications for 2021.

AURAND HARRIS GRANTS & FELLOWSHIPS supporting PEOPLE, TRAVEL, EQUIPMENT. These grants benefit the field of theatre for children & youth; the utilization of drama or theatre in education for children grades K-12; or opportunities for theatre artists working in these fields.
Who may apply: •501c3 IRS certified not-for-profit theatres in the USA, •An individual professional theatre artist in the USA, •A collaboration of a theatre artist and a small or mid-sized 501c3 IRS certified not-for-profit theatre in the USA.
How to apply: GRANT APPLICATION There will be no Harris Grant or Fellowship Applications for 2021.

ALVIN COHEN MEMORIAL FUND supports projects of national significance for national theatre conference programming for theatre for children.

REBA R. ROBERTSON Teacher's Award recognizes excellence in the important work of public high school theatre/drama teachers throughout the United States of America.
Who may apply: A current public high school drama/theatre teacher with 5-8 years of service remaining. Biennial
How to apply: NOMINATION (by recommendation). All nominations must be submitted via e-mail in 2021 for the 2022 Award. Updated Information for 2021 is not yet available.

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