Current CTFA Trustees
The Childrens Theatre Foundation is guided by a working board of trustees, professionals in the field of theatre and education, who donate their time and expertise to raise philanthropic funds to support excellence in theatre arts.
Gayle Sergel Brown -Trustee.jpg

Gayle Sergel Brown -Trustee


Jose "CC" Casas -Trustee

Gloria Bond Cunie -Trustee.jpg

Gloria Bond Clunie -Trustee

Rives Collins -Trustee.jpg

Rives Collins -Trustee

Moses Goldberg -Trustee.jjpg

Moses Goldberg -Trustee

Miriam Gonzales -Trustee

Miriam Gonzales -Trustee

Jo Beth Gonzalez -Trustee.jpg

Jo Beth Gonzalez -Trustee.jpg

Idris Goodwin -Trustee.jpg

Idris Goodwin -Trustee

Paige Hernandez -Trustee.jpg

Paige Hernandez -Trustee

Sharnita Johnson -Trustee.png

Sharnita Johnson -Trustee

Xan Johnson -Trustee.jpg

Xan Johnson -Trustee

Alexandra Lopez -Trustee.jpeg

Alexandra Lopez -Trustee

Christina Marin -Trustee .png

Christina Marin -Trustee

Kat Matassarin -Trustee.jpg

Kat Matassarin -Trustee

Marilee H Miller -Trustee.jpg

Marilee H Miller -Trustee

Jenny Millinger -Trustee.jpg

Jenny Millinger -Trustee

Kassie Misiewicz sm.png

Kassie Misiewicz -Trustee

Joette Pelster -Trustee.jpg

Joette Pelster -Trustee

Betsy Quinn -Trustee.jpg

Betsy Quinn -Trustee

Karen Sharp -Trustee.jpg

Karen Sharp -Trustee

Patricia Di Benedetto Snyder -Trustee.jpg

Patricia De Benedetto Snyder -Trustee

Susan D Wood -Trustee.jpg

Susan D Wood -Trustee

Suzan Zeder -Trustee.jpg

Suzan Zeder -Trustee

Roger L Bedard -Emeritus.jpg

Roger Bedard -Emeritus

Robyn Flatt -Emeritus.jpg

Robyn Flatt -Emeritus

Ruth Beall Heining-Emeritus.jpg

Ruth Beall Heining -Emeritus

Dorothy Webb -Emeritus.jpg

Dorothy Webb -Emeritus