GIVING to Support CTFA - Become a Donor

Children's Theatre Foundation of America solicits charitable contributions and grants funds in support of excellence & equity in theatre for children.
Please join with us as Friends and Underwriters of the work of CTFA to help support the everyday hopes and big dreams of our theatre educators and artists--and the audiences they serve.

The Children's Theatre Foundation of America is a 501( c ) (3) Public Charity receiving tax deductible donations.
Office of the Treasurer of CTFA: Moses Goldberg, 4211A Trillium Lane, Greensboro, NC 27410
The Children's Theatre Foundation is guided by a working board of trustees, professionals in the field of theatre and education, who donate their time and expertise to raise philanthropic funds to support excellence in theatre arts.
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“I’ve got an idea by the tail, but it falls in your department. What's to prevent you setting up a Childrens Theatre Foundation, to which we can all make deductible contributions each year; to which some of us might even leave bequests?”

September 17, 1957 in a letter from Sara Spencer to Campton Bell*, each became CTFA Founders. *(Qtd. in Roger L. Bedard and C. John Tolch, eds., Spotlight on the Child)
Giving to Make a Difference Today
Giving is more fun when you can witness the impact your contribution can make.
  • Founder's Fund, CTFA's General Fund, is the workhorse of the Foundation funding projects with impact and big dreams. Your gift will help underwrite Founders Fund Projects.
  • Founder’s Fund: FRIENDS of CTFA-Annual Giving is a commitment to the ongoing work of CTFA through the Founders Fund.
  • Founder’s Fund: Art of the Matter, a special Founders Fund initiative funding for a “big dream” project was granted in 2013.
  • Corey Medallion Patron Gifts, help underwrite the annual event honoring Medallion Award recipients for their significant achievements for the enrichment of children in the United States and Canada through nurturing artistic work in theatre and the arts. You may designate that your Medallion Patron Gift is In Memory… or In Honor… of someone special.

HERITAGE GIFTS - Legacy Giving to Make a Difference Tomorrow
Legacy giving through your will and through estate planning allows for your contributions to continue having an impact on the art of theatre and the lives of children and youth. Please consider adding a bequest to your will, benefiting the future funding of CTFA grants.
Contribute through our Founders Fund, Author's Legacy gifts, or make a significant gift to establish a new endowment.

LET'S TALK-We would be pleased to talk with you about the options. Just send a email message through and a Board Trustee will reply. (Please include a phone number, if you wish for us to reply by telephone.)

To facilitate distribution of a bequest in your will, you may wish to include this Contact Information: 2019—2020 Office of the Treasurer of CTFA: Moses Goldberg, 4211A Trillium Lane, Greensboro, NC 27410. Future Years: GIVING section will have contact and address updates for the CTFA Treasurer/Board Trustee. The Childrens Theatre Foundation is listed by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and gifts are tax deductible.