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Hy Hetherington, of HLP Integration, LLC, has given a Corporate Sponsorship to Childrens Theatre Foundation of America to support CTFA's 2022 Orlin Corey Medallion and Reba R. Robertson Award Events.

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Orlin Corey Medallion Awards Celebrates Artistry, Integrity, Innovation and Equity in Theatre for Youth. Named for former CTFA President Orlin Corey, this award recognizes artists, educators, administrators, activists and others whose visionary works for youth embodies the core values of the Childrens Theatre Foundation of America
How to apply: NOMINATION (by recommendation) from the field of Theatre for Youth
LINK: 2023 Orlin Corey Medallion Award NOMINATIONS will be received ONLINE between Dec. 5, 2022 and January 23, 2023
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Childrens Theatre Foundation of America solicits charitable contributions and grants funds in support of excellence & equity in theatre for children.
The Childrens Theatre Foundation of America believes that our future success, resiliency, and sustainability relies on placing equity at the center of every aspect of what we do. We define equity as a collaborative, continual process to ensure fair access to all.