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What is the essence of CTFA?
It is so much more than giving grants, bestowing awards, supporting speakers, conferences and conventions. At the core of all these activities is the synergy of service, an almost electric force generated by our Board of Trustees that makes possible everything we do!

The Board of Trustees are a diverse group of artists, educators, producers, directors, playwrights, administrators, publishers, teachers, and scholars, who give unselfishly of time and treasure, who work untold hours, who answer avalanches of emails, read reams of proposals, organize events, create catalytic connections between organizations, and make time in busy lives for the work that supports others and serves our field.

Some of us are veterans with decades of experience in TYA, others are up and coming rising stars of the profession, all of us are bound together by a love for and belief in the power of live theatre, a dedication to and concern for children and young people, and a deep desire to make a difference, to give back something of ourselves to a field that has given each of us so much!

Add to that, each of you who has played a part with your financial support of CTFA, your dedicated attendance supporting our events, your willing hands working to help us, your loving heart shared with the artists and children who benefit from CTFA.

WE are all a part of CTFA.

—Suzan Zeder, President of Childrens Theatre Foundation of America - CTFA