Which Grant Should I Choose? Comparing Basic Criteria for CTFA Grant Applications

Are you having trouble figuring out where to start? Each CTFA Grant, Fellowship and Award has different criteria that must “fit” before you take the time to fill out a grant application.

Take a look at the
summary descriptions of grants and begin with answering a few questions:

Who is Asking for a Grant? -An individual? -A small not-for-profit theatre? A mid-sized not-for-profit theatre? A large not-for-profit theatre? A Collaboration between an individual and a not for profit organization?

What Are You Asking For? -For what part of a project or plan do you wish to use CTFA grant money?

When Does Your Project/Plan Begin? -CTFA Grants have begin-end dates. See Grant Application Information

Is your organization or group a tax registered not-for-profit organization? Organizations applying for a grant should have documentation of their not-for-profit status. Individuals applying for the grants and awards, specifically funding individuals, are not required to be not-for-profit.

Read the summary descriptions of the grants, and see if there is a “fit”. Then CLICK the “READ COMPLETE INFORMATION” link for the full details about that grant.

  • Theatre for children and youth.
  • The utilization of drama or theatre in education for children grades K-12.
  • Development opportunities for theatre artists working in the area of theatre by, with, and/or for children and youth.
  • Excellence and equity

The Children’s Theatre Foundation of America (CTFA) values children and youth, the art of the theatre, innovation, excellence, equity, diversity and inclusion.
All Foundation funding is guided by these priorities, and each application should explain how the project, for which you are requesting funding, reflects and promotes these values.