Aurand Harris Grant & Fellowship - Instructions and Request to Submit

Request to Submit Application Information and Form
2016 Application
For Small and Mid-Sized Theatres and Theatre Artists

- Theatre for children and youth.
- The utilization of drama or theatre in education for children grades K-12.
- Development opportunities for theatre artists working in the area
of theatre by, with, and/or for children and youth.

The Children’s Theatre Foundation of America (CTFA) values innovation, excellence, equity and inclusion. All Foundation funding is guided by these priorities, and each application should explain how the project, for which you are requesting funding, reflects and promotes these values.

The CTFA Aurand Harris Grant and Fellowship Fund seeks to inspire and challenge small and mid-sized not-for-profit Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) theatres and theatre artists to develop quality ideas and new opportunities in TYA, as well as promote live theatre experiences of high integrity for young people throughout the nation by supporting both individual theatre artists seeking to deepen and expand artistic capacities and opportunities through fellowship funding and by supporting TYA companies seeking to bring engaging live theatre to their respective communities.

Applications may be written to assist:
1. A theatre artist seeking a specific opportunity in the development of his/her own artistic excellence or artistic growth, or;
2. A single not-for profit small or mid-sized theatre company seeking financial support for a specific opportunity, or;
3. A joint venture to serve both artist and company.
Please read further to find examples of proposals for individual artists, TYA companies, and joint ventures we have funded.

-Small not-for-profit theatres in the USA, established for at least three consecutive years, possessing a public record of artistic quality and with annual operating budgets under $250,000; OR
-Mid-sized not-for profit theatres in the USA, established for at least 10 consecutive years, possessing a public record of artistic quality and with annual operating budgets of from $250,000 to not more than 1 million; OR
-A single professional theatre artist in the USA working in theatre for young audiences, in the development of his/her artistic excellence. An artist does not have to be connected to a theatre to apply. This can include playwrights, scenic designers, costume designers, lighting designers, directors and/or teachers; OR
-A collaboration of a theatre artist and a small or mid-sized not-for profit theatre.

We are looking for the BEST AND MOST CREATIVE IDEA THAT WILL ENHANCE THE FIELD OF THEATRE – both by the artists, TYA companies and/or artists and companies joining together – to, as Harris stated, promote theatre throughout the country and bring the theatre experience alive to children in all types of communities – interpreting their impact in their environment and in their specific community. We want to see applications that reach upward beyond the applicant’s usual artistic work.

Harris Theatre Grants have served a wide variety of needs such as:
--- The premiere of an important and promising new play for children/youth, including: the costs of fees and expenses of a noted guest artist; expenses to enable a playwright to participate in rehearsals and attend the performance of his/her play; and/or special production needs.
--- Performance expenses of a children’s theatre in the United States to send a new play to a regional, national, or international festival or convention.
--- Support for the establishment of a special production project or program of children’s theatre such as a touring program, a children’s theatre playwriting program, or a production related symposium for a new work.
--- Assistance in securing scripts, supplies and equipment for the production of a premiere of an important and promising new play for young audiences.
--- Research time and travel to complete a new play that allowed the playwright to experiment with a new style and form.
--- Residency resulting in obtaining new material for a new script.
--- Working in a unique collaboration with other established artists.

--- CTFA will only consider requests up to $5,000. Note: Recent CTFA Harris distributions have ranged from $1,000.00 - $5,000.00.
--- Only one grant proposal per year may be submitted to the Foundation by an applicant.
--- Priority consideration will be given to applicants not funded by a CTFA grant during the previous two years.

--- General operating support such as support for regular and usual season productions or projects that are part of the ongoing work of the applicant
--- Projects that are already underway
--- Free performance subsidies
--- Activities undertaken for academic credit
--- Projects proposed by companies that do not have a one-to-one cash match - Salaries may be counted but in-kind services may not. Projects proposed by professional theatre artists do not need to show a cash match.
--- Large theatres with budgets above one million dollars - This includes small theatres using the not-for-profit status of a large theatre

--- Recipients of any CTFA grant must include the CTFA logo in all official programs, publications and marketing and the statement: “Funded in part by an Aurand Harris Theatre Grant from the Children's Theater Foundation of America.” The CTFA will provide you with information regarding Aurand Harris for use in all official programs and publications.
--- Theatres that commission and then retain the work created in part by the grant must make that work publicly available for use by other producers within three years of completion of the grant.

Request to Submit Process
CTFA requires a two-step application process, which will assure that applicants are eligible and the proposals are appropriate to the guidelines.

STEP ONE January 15: REQUEST TO SUBMIT -- This step is open to all applicants who fit the grant criteria. This Request to Submit must include all of the information requested in the application form and must be received by January 15, 2016 via e-mail attachment in MS Word format: “.doc” only to: Mina G. Halliday Casmir at to be eligible for consideration. The subject line should read “Harris RTS.” E-mail confirmation will be sent on receipt of the application.

The Request to Submit applications will be reviewed by our committee and a limited number of applicants will be invited to the second step: The Full Grant Application.

Those applicants chosen to proceed to STEP TWO will receive the Full Grant Application materials via e-mail communication no later than mid February with instructions on completing and sending the Full Grant Application.

STEP TWO April 18: FULL GRANT APPLICATION -- Those invited to submit a Full Grant Application will be sent a list of additional required information to submit, which must be postmarked by April 18, 2016.



Request to Submit Application FORM (use BUTTON-LINK for Printer Friendly Copy)
All information on this Request to Submit Application should fit on a maximum of 4 pages

Organization/Individual Applicant: _______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Phone Number ( ) _________________________
Website: ___________________________________
Name of Individual responsible for this Application/Contact: __________________________
E-Mail address of this individual (required)_________________________________________
Date that your organization began operations (for theatre applicants):__________________
Are you an IRS certified not-for-profit organization? (for theatre applicants): ____ (yes) _____ (no)
The most recent annual operating budget for your organization totaled (for theatre applicants): $_______________

Date and Title of last CTFA grant received (if applies): __________________________________
GRANT AMOUNT REQUESTED $_________________________
Beginning Date of Proposal: ______________________
Completion Date of Proposal: _____________________
(We will only fund projects that will begin no earlier than September 1 of the submission year and be completed by July 15 of the following year.)
Exceptional projects extending up to 2 years will be considered. Specify proposed dates of longer projects here:

Grant Project Request SUMMARY:
1. For Theatre applicants -- Begin with a ONE SENTENCE PURPOSE STATEMENT for the specific project you are proposing for funding giving a concise and explicit description of your project.

For Theatre Artist applicants – Begin with a ONE SENTENCE ARTISTIC PURPOSE STATEMENT related to your practice in the field of theatre for children and your specific plan requesting support as seed money for artistic growth to further improve the quality of your work or open new opportunities to work on a specific project of merit.

2. Submit an ARTISTIC STATEMENT in one paragraph written by the individual artist applying or the artist in charge of the proposed project explaining the artistic goals/purposes of your project.

3. ELABORATE ON YOUR PURPOSE STATEMENT TO SUPPORT YOUR PROPOSAL. (Total limited to 30 lines of text at minimum 10 pt font.) You may include website URL links as supplement to your description. We need to see a concise and explicit description of your proposal. Address each of these criteria:

Significance -- to your community and to theatre for children and youth in your community. If a theatre artist is applying, explain how your proposed plan for artistic growth contributes to your artistic excellence. Include a list of significant previous theatrical experiences that relate to your plan.

Feasibility -- Show how well you are prepared to complete this project. If this is a partnership project, identify and summarize the responsibilities of each partner in realizing the project and define the relationships.

Relevance of the CTFA funds. Explain the need for funding.

4. EXPLAIN how the project you are proposing reflects the values of the Children’s Theatre Foundation —innovation, excellence, equity and inclusion.

Frame your application in a manner that explains, justifies and defends your goal.