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Orlin Corey Medallion Award
Celebrates Artistry, Integrity, Innovation and Equity in Theatre for Youth. Named for former CTFA President Orlin Corey, this award recognizes artists, educators, administrators, activists and others whose visionary works for youth embodies the core values of the Childrens Theatre Foundation of America.

ABOUT Corey Medallion Award
HOW TO APPLY: NOMINATION (by recommendation) from the field of Theatre for Youth

NOMINATIONS: 2024 Orlin Corey Medallion Award NOMINATIONS to be received ONLINE between October 9, 2023 and November 27, 2023.

AWARD PRESENTATION: Friday March 15th: Medallion Award Ceremony at Alliance Theatre in conjunction with TYA/USA
National Conference.
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Reba R. Robertson Award
Recognizes excellence in the important work of public high school theatre/drama teachers throughout the United States of America.

ABOUT Robertson Award
Who is eligible: A current public high school drama/theatre teacher with 5-8 years of service remaining.

NOMINATION (by recommendation). All nominations must be submitted online.

NOMINATIONS: 2024 Reba Robertson Medallion Award NOMINATIONS will be received ONLINE between July 31, 2023 and December 15, 2023.

The Childrens Theatre Foundation of America is committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Foundation supports theatre artists and organizations that share the Foundation’s values working to address past and current injustices to groups that have been historically disadvantaged and socially, politically, and economically excluded. MORE…