President's Invitation

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Your End of Year GIFT to Children’s Theatre Foundation of America plants saplings of creativity, that give our children the opportunity to explore their dreams, express their fears, develop their “super-powers”, feel empathy for others and explore where they fit into our complex world.
WE BELIEVE that theatre for children and youth can empower and heal.
That our children are worth our believing in them and taking the responsibility to provide creative opportunities for them, that allow them to see or be a part of live theatre experiences about children, who look like them.
Your END OF YEAR GIFT to the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America can make that possible.

Please Join Me

“If CTFA is to effectively serve the artists and the audiences of today and of the future, we must do so with more than optimism and good intentions. We need to mindfully address how our world, our art, and our communities have changed and how we need to change to meet these challenges.” — Suzan Zeder
Since our founding, more than sixty years ago, CTFA has been an organization that has depended on the generosity of those of us who make our living and find our passion creating theatre for young people and others who support this important work.

We collect no dues. We have no conference fees or income from special projects. Each year we depend upon you, our friends and colleague/collaborators to help us raise funds to sustain our programs.

Please join me in supporting the Children's Theatre Foundation.
Suzan Zeder,
President of the Children's Theatre Foundation, November 2019
The Children’s Theatre Foundation is committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Foundation supports theatre artists and organizations that share the Foundation’s values working to address past and current injustices to groups that have been historically disadvantaged and socially, politically, and economically excluded.