Excellence & Equity ENDORSEMENT: CTFA-Children's Theatre Foundation of America recognizes outstanding accomplishments and efforts of excellence while developing equity in the field of theatre for children and youth.
WHAT IS CTFA’s Excellence & Equity ENDORSEMENT
During our 2018 meeting in August, the CTFA Board of Trustees approved a new initiative that will allow us to recognize extraordinary events, programs or projects of national significance. We view this to be an expansion of our current activities in giving grants, bestowing awards, and partnering with other TYA organizations to provide inspiring and provocative speakers and sponsoring special events. CTFA ENDORSEMENT is intended to be an honor with benefits.

Through a nomination process, discussion and vote of the full Board an extraordinary event or project will be offered CTFA ENDORSEMENT. We will work with their representatives see how CTFA might be most useful. This might include publicity and promotion through our website and data base; providing an outlet for dissemination of documentation and discussions sparked by the event, support for an element of the event, such as a reception or celebration. These activities will be coordinated through a CTFA Board Liaison, who might also serve as an informal mentor or consultant if this is desired.

Endorsements will be given rarely and only when a particular activity is of national scope and significance to the field as a whole. There is no formal application process for Endorsement.

We encourage all of you in this rich and varied field to bring worthy projects to the attention of individual Trustees, listed on our website.

CTFA's first Endorsed event was: The Sin Fronteras Festival and Convening, January 24th -26th in Austin Texas. This “first of the field” gathering brought together artists, scholars, and educators from across the Americas to experience theatre with young people and consider the needs and incredible capacities of Latinx audiences of the future. The Festival featured productions of five TYA plays from the USA and Latin America. The convening brought 150 adult participants for workshops, panels, discussions, and art-making events. Congratulations!
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