2018 Founders Project Development-FACE TO FACE Work-in-progress reports from Rising Youth Theatre of Phoenix, AZ

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FACE TO FACE-Workshops begin January 2019
Performances in May 2020

Face to Face: is a youth led theatre and dialogue project that brings adults and youth of a wide range of backgrounds together to explore the questions - What happens at the intersections of race, class, and age? And how can young people use an artistic process to instigate and deepen these conversations within communities? How have the histories of peoples in the United States been shaped by the intersection of race and class in our country? What power structures reinforce racist systems that impact how young people experience the intersection of race and class? These questions will drive an inclusive, intensive process of artmaking, performance, and critical dialogue in our community.

To develop this project, Rising Youth Theatre will convene an intergenerational group of artists that will lead a series of community dialogues through affinity groups. These conversations will form a body of research that will become a play, performed for public audiences in Phoenix in spring of 2020. In this project, youth expertise and leadership are centered at all levels. Adults will partner with young people to activate and engage their ideas and youth and adults will work together in a model of shared learning and equal partnership.

Following the initial production, Rising Youth Theatre and the core ensemble on this project will work to disseminate, both the production and dialogue elements. Ultimately the company will develop a toolkit and training curriculum facilitated by Rising Youth Theatre, which will be shared with other arts and community organizations around the country for producing Face to Face in their own communities.
(Reporting 9-7-2018)

Collaborators: The project leaders of Face to Face include Rising Youth Theatre apprentice artists Thameenah Muhammad (age 17) and Paula Alvarado Ortega (age 18); co-founding Artistic Director Xanthia Walker; Co-founding Artistic Director Sarah Sullivan; General Manager Julio-César Sauceda; and long time Rising Youth Theatre collaborator and Artistic Director of Teatro Bravo Ricky Araiza.
(Reporting 9-20-2018)
Rising Youth Theatre works in collaboration with young people and professional artists to create socially relevant original plays with youth voices at the center. In the company’s model, plays are created in partnership with the community, through a multi-generational collaborative process where artists of all ages work in a shred learning, creative youth development model. The company works to perform in non-traditional theatre spaces, in which all audiences will feel invited to engage with the art and accompanying dialogue. Alongside artmaking, the Rising Youth Theatre ensemble leads workshops and residencies in schools and community spaces and actively participates in community events, working to ensure that youth voices are represented in a wide variety of spaces in Arizona. Visit www.RisingYouthTheatre.org to learn more.